Training Underway, Wave 2

So about a month after my first real half mary event (second overall), I’m beginning to have some withdrawal. Which is why I’m glad as hell that officially training for Shamrock Fest has started today for me.

Day 1? Weightlifting. Worked a bit on every muscle group today.

Tomorrow – 3 mile run.

Oh yeah everyone, here we go again. 20 March 2011 – time to get my Shamrock on, or so they say.

Seriously though, I am stoked to get back into training.

I’ve made a number of resolutions in improving my form and how I can approach my training.

1 No excuses to skip any training (barring injury of course) or skimp on running outdoors – even with the cold weather. Worst case – hit the dreadmill. But even then I am going to try and take some training time outdoors. I remember Sergio getting slammed HARD when he competed in the LA Marathon after all his training INDOORS…and then in high-70 degree weather, he was going delirious at Mile 18.

Now granted, I’m doing another half, not a full, and Virginia Beach will be at best high-50s. But I am going to try and split some time outdoors, be it in Philadelphia or DC.

2 Challenge myself at weightlifting and focusing on the entire body when possible. I’ll admit it’s a bit difficult considering my first (and thankfully, only) injury that’s put me out of commission came from lifting. But things are getting better here, just need to be patient with myself because there are parts of me that are a lot weaker than I’d have liked them to be. Guess my work is cut out for me.

3 Work in more speedwork and push myself just a bit harder with tempo runs without going delirious. Nate had mentioned to me to get my hands on a Forerunner and train via heart rate and not pace in of itself. Not sure I have the money at the moment for a Forerunner, but if these next two halfs go well, I might look into it as I formally train for MCM.

4 Work in more group runs, be it with the Philly Runner group or with the Lululemon Athletica team in Dupont Circle. The cold is suckage, but misery loves company. Not to mention with the Lulu group, I’ve already met others like me targetting MCM 2011 – with reassurances from them that I have what it takes to push through MCM.

One day at a time. Just keep at it, the weightlifting will try my patience, but I’m hoping my trainer Midge can give me a more structured regiment in a few weeks (when I’m actually NOT travelling lol!) for working on my legs and working enough focus on my lower body without taxing it to the point of injury because of my mileage as well.

So yes, more training and running. Going to savour every second of it.


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