Take That GMAT!

It’s over. This morning, or rather around noon, I emerged from 18th and Walnut a much relieved and sane person.

I took and destroyed the GMAT. One HUGE barrier down in the whole grad school application process.

The ironic thing? I actually did BETTER in the verbal section than I did the quantitative! That never happens – every other test I’ve taken – ACT, SAT/PSAT, GRE – my math was higher than verbal.

So glad it’s over. Much needed and deserved night tonight with Jeff. A few beers, a few rounds of Modern Warfare 2 (yes, ladies can play video games half decent) and maybe a movie. A bit too nippy after our run today on the parkway, we learnt our lesson needless to say.

Still, a drink post-exam is always in order. Cheers.


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