Mission Motivation, Part 2

After getting out of work last week, Jeff met me at my apartment clad in his running gear.

Oh yeah, we were both tackling 3 miles that night.

Yep, it was his first night running and he was desperate for someone to help him get “off his ass.”

I was to be that person.

But little did I know that at the end, he was the one pushing me whether he realised it or not.

I’m trying to figure out if that’s a good thing or not.

We started off by my apartment and took a familiar loop route that I had beaten into myself so many times. It was refreshing running alongside a partner to begin with and all the more better that it was Jeff himself. It was a cool yet temperate evening and we got more than our fair share of conversation in. We chatted about running, although when I took him through the Washington Square loop where I had gotten started with running, it gave me good memories of how I started my entire journey. How I built myself from the bottom up in that square, that also which I shared with him.

He was anxious to get the run over with – and towards the end he started sprinting. That’s when I felt the pressure to keep up.

I can’t sprint well, but I was pushing myself to keep up with him.

Now this weekend, we’re going running together. And instead of saying “gross”, it appears my motivation is rolling off on him. We’ll run together along a more scenic Schuylkill River, where he’s more likely to be motivated. Probably 4-5 miles assuming decent weather. Kick back through Waterworks and the south end of Kelly Drive by Lemon Hill. Double back through MLK, finish up in Rittenhouse Square.

“Maybe I’ll get you to run the Odyssey Half with me in May.” I said to him over the phone on Tuesday.

“Maaayybeee….” he chimed.

Wait….he didn’t balk? I mean, he didn’t say yes, but he didn’t say hell no either.

I’m just happy I am getting him to run more with me.

More time spent together and more time doing a favourite activity.

What’s not to like? Stay tuned!


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