Absolute Insanity

Twitter feed’s been nearly dead on my end, and my blog isn’t much better. Simply put, I’ve been on the road a lot lately, and internet access has been a lot worse than I expected on average for multiple reasons. Presently a bit flustered at the moment to go into details.

This may not be such a bad thing considering I have GMATs on Saturday. Of course, that will be over Saturday and my internet situation I know will not get better when I’m on the road again for another two weeks and then nearly the entire month of January.

And right now, I really really need to not spend a whole lot of money in the whole spiel of saving for grad school. The whole smartphone thing I know will suck a lot out of my funds.

Where it really becomes a problem is trying to keep in touch with my boyfriend and a few others of course (some family are content with calling either my cell or the hotel phone) but others are nowhere near accessible. Particularly since my ability to see Jeff is horrifyingly limited at best. But we both knew about this going in.

The question is whether can we get through. Personally I think we can. Of course, given everything else that’s been happening in my life, this is also ironically the least of my worries.

Marcus is continuing to ramp up the “you need to look into new places/apartments to live” to me as he is continuing along with Pierre to ramp up the “get a grip, this is America” campaign to Phoebe. This is also in conjunction with her personal agenda, which unfortunately for me, took another turn for the worse on Tuesday.

I’m calm now, but that’s not to say I didn’t have my moment, because I did. I was livid. I got the message at 3pm that day, just minutes after a contentious meeting at work concluded. It took every ounce of me to keep my composure – business as usual.

When I returned to my hotel suite in Dupont Circle, I let it out. As I had dinner at Kramer’s on Connecticut Avenue that night, I was so distraught I could barely eat.

Why in hell’s half acre is this garbage happening to me?

The only thing I’m guilty of is being born to the wrong person.

Oh wait a minute…yeah.

I didn’t tell Jeff that night for one simple reason: I was going to lose it.

For those of you that are runners, this is not going to affect me running MCM unless she finds out that I am running the marathon. If she does, then I’ll switch to running Chicago, assuming the fallout occurs before February.

In any case, it was a terrible end to a terrible day – being sick that day (Tuesday) and nearly passing out twice in DC didn’t help. Apparently something might be up, and I’m going in tomorrow for some blood work. If it’s what I think it is, I’ll get by with taking additional supplements.

In other news…

Work, absolutely insane. I love what I do, but the people…are almost as challenging to deal with as my mother. The powerhouse attitude in DC makes it worse. I’ve only had one person curse us out in frustration, but most are just difficult. Not my coworkers of course, but well, the clients.

Just gets time getting used to, I suppose.

On a more positive note? Went to one friend’s engagement party last weekend, going to another holiday party in Delaware next weekend and on my end? Training for my next half marathon in Virginia starts next weekend for me as well.

Anything to clear my mind. And even in offseason conditioning, I continue to run alongside Jeff. The motivation is rubbing off on him, which I’m happy for.

I’ll get through this.


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