Schedule is Set…

As I take my lunch here working at home, I’m reviewing quickly my races for next year.

Two spring half marathons? Check. Shamrock Half and finally settled on the Odyssey Half here in Philly. Logistically, staying at home will probably be easiest for me.

Fall combination of 1 half and 1 full? Check. Right now, assuming my family issues don’t spiral out of control before February, we’re looking at the ING Rock n Roll in Philly and the MCM at the end of October.

If they do, Plan B is the Chicago Marathon mid-October and the Philly Half Marathon mid-November. (Note: In spite what I said about running Philly before, well my adversaries don’t run, and won’t be able to touch me during the race anyhow, I’ll swing it here.)

Total damage to the wallet? Assuming no Plan B, and a $100 fee for MCM (rates aren’t up yet but Patrick and Rina told me last year it was 90), we’re looking at a $320 net cost for entry to those 4 races. (In case you’re really curious about the breakdown, 80 at the time I signed up for VAB, 55 for Odyssey, 85 for the ING 1/2 and 100 for MCM.)

Shh!!! Don’t tell my mother now!

It is what it is. But what I will get in return for these experiences, to be frank, it will be more than worth it to me if my experience this past year is of any indication, not to mention 3 of the 4 races will exceed 15,000 participants easily, only enhancing the experience.

There’s also running a 5k or another shorter race somewhere with Jeff or Pierre, should their resolve hold up. Those will also be priceless, and I’d love to see my dad run again.

I am confident I will stay injury-free; 2010 was fantastic and 2011 will be a good year both on and off the pavement.

Bring it on!


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