Quiet Night in Dupont Circle…Sorta

Ahoy! And what a week it is. Bustling and busier than ever, and it’s not helping my tail is being chased by cars near my hotel off Dupont Circle. There’s a lot of things weighing on my mind.

Work, whilst I enjoy it, is leaving me drained here in the District. It’s both a good and a bad thing, and like anyone else working a job they truly like, there’s a learning curve, and especially when you are in consulting or a related career, it is like that with every assignment or engagement. I’m going through that phase now. But I’ll get through it.

Grad school apps. Apparently my one school is missing my transcripts and I had the universities in question send them out AGES ago. Figures they get lost in the mail, guess I’ll have to resolve that one and fast. Not to mention GMATs are closing in on us. Christ, can’t wait to get that over with. It’s just a test, but I feel it’s going to make or break my application. And whilst my math side is strong…verbal needs some work a little. Still.

Family…uh, let me get back to you on that one. It’s continuing to get worse, but I will stop beating a dead horse now. Yeah.

Jeff. I’m enjoying the time spent with him, and I find the time spent with him making me understand myself more. As we’ve grown closer together and come to know more and more about each other, I am also finding the challenges of maintaining our relationship making me stronger as a person. Right now, I’m on the road for a week, and we’re catching up with each other by phone. I discussed my schedule with him this week – which quite frankly is nothing short of ugly – and the only time I can really spend with him is Friday. I’m just damned all over the Northeast this week and most of next…and then it’s DC again for another three weeks. Christ. It is what it is. I did bring up the five-miler that I was running Saturday morning before taking off this weekend for Lancaster County again though, and that is just about when he brought it up: how my running – or rather, my sheer dedication to it – made him feel at times like a lazy slob. In less than 4 months I went from my first 5k to tackling my first half marathon and now was scheduled for 1 with 2-3 more in the works and my first full marathon. My ability to tackle the whole thing from start to end completely overwhelmed him…”even before I met you, I knew I needed to get out more and exercise more consistently” as understandably, medical school left him drained. After some poking and prodding on my part to find out the basis for his feelings, it was then he mentioned that while he can run the shorter distances, he hated running by himself and that I didn’t necessarily motivate him to run.

Admittedly I’d never seen it this way. I actually had to stop and think about this. Running as a way of challenging my partner. Yeah don’t get me wrong, I would love more than anything for my guy to share my passion and for running to be an activity that brings us together would be music to my ears. But at the same time, my drive for it made me wonder if I’d scare him – or any partner for that matter – off if it appeared I tried to impose my lifestyle on him. In the beginning, I always wondered why he’d kid around when I told him that I was doing my long runs and the things he’d find “gross” about them. I told him what got me into group runs, I told him of my initial fears and such. In the end, he figured it would be fun if we started some 3-5 mile runs together…yay, it’s a start!

I put it to Jeff quite frankly – I didn’t want to make the same mistake my mother is making. She’s putting me through hell to impose her lifestyle on me, thus, I was a bit scared I’d scare him off, not motivate him if I got him into running. But now that I’ve discussed it with him, I’m all the more glad I did.

The wonders of communication are quite beautiful, aren’t they?

I’m hoping things will work out with this, I would be a very happy lady if I could get Jeff to run with me more often and indeed if running were something the two of us could do together. The mornings are going to be hard – Jeff is NOT a morning person at all – whereas I’m up by 5-5:30am in part due to my schedule, but the evenings I hope will be more palatable. Aiming to start off with Wednesday evening runs with him.

It doesn’t matter though. I’ll deal with grad school when it gets here, but for now, this is a start. He doesn’t need to slate himself for races if he doesn’t want to, right now, my first step is just using it as an activity to keep us together, one of the many things.

If he wants to take it to the next level and do his first half…well I’m here for him, and I’m looking forward to many more miles together (figuratively and literally I suppose). Here goes nothing.


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