Catching up in Georgetown

Review: Old Glory BBQ

Now given the above, you’re probably wondering how a vegetarian like myself could have survived in a BBQ place. Well, I did. I was up in here for a week in DC for work and Monday night, I met up with my friend Patrick and his fiancé Rina, the former of whom I’ve known for ages, growing up through school, and until last year when he finished medical school, the last four years in Center City. For undergrad, he stayed back and attended in Lancaster County but came to Philly for medical school.

Being on the tight budgets we all were, we figured somewhere cheap but cool was in the works. I allowed Patrick to call the shots on this one and he and Rina chose this place. Their thing is to pick a new place to go out to, and so it was this one.

We went in and were promptly seated by the hostess. A server brought us bite-size cornbread muffins with honey butter. And boy were they good. So good, that Rina asked for another helping for the table. The muffins had some sort of fruity piece in them, but we couldn’t tell what it was. Same for the honey butter, maybe bits of honeycomb? Probably not, but again, it tasted quite good.

Against the wall were a bunch of different hot sauces that Patrick soon found himself sampling all of them. There were seven different hot sauces, and not being a fan myself, only stuck to one – a spicy honey mustard sauce the restaurant dubbed “Savannah.” In addition to sampling the sauces and enjoying the cornbread, I was also fortunate enough to catch up with my friends as they were with me. The new developments in my life, both good and bad, what was going down with their recent engagement and changes in their lives and yes, of course, the Marine Corps Marathon. My friends both ran it this past year with times of approximately 4:45 or so, although Patrick was capable of much faster, he paced alongside Rina, and understandably so. Rina unfortunately had relied on awfully cheap Sauconys and she admitted that now, she was paying the price – her feet are STILL hurting three weeks after the race. Nonetheless she warned me to mark the registration date on my calendar (23 February 2011) as the slots disappear very fast. She finally told me that the course is worth running and that the infamous climb at mile 25-26 through the cemetery to Iwo Jima Memorial is not as bad as it is hyped up to be.

Finally, after some deliberation, Rina went for a Old Glory turkey burger (9.95) with fries, Patrick went with an Elvis burger (9.95) also with fries and I went with the only vegetarian option (or should I say pescatarian option) possible, the catfish wrap (10.95) with a side of collard greens. Your selection was your typical gamut of pub fare, salads, sandwiches and the like, but unlike the huge swaths of food drizzling with batter, this was not a place I’d necessarily call a gastropub. You had a chock full of healthy selections as well, even with the sides, plenty of “gastropub” options, but loads of healthier ones too. Can’t say I’ve found the same about Philly pubs. Nonetheless, none of us were disappointed. Both my friends devoured their burgers (Patrick always has his done medium rare) and the catfish wrap was godly. It was breaded and stuffed with veggies, and hit the spot just right without feeling like I overate.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this one. Definitely better than your average pub fare, and the cornbread and honey butter get a huge plus for uniqueness. The service was also good as well, the atmosphere was laid back and loud, but not over the top loud and for a stuffier enclave like Georgetown, one really can’t complain. As for me, catching up with Patrick and Rina is always a treat, one of the reasons I always look forward to working in DC, as I have seen them every time I have had to do so.

Restaurant Info:
Old Glory All American BBQ | 3139 M Street NW | Washington, DC 20007 | 202.337.3406 | Website


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