Decision Time

Here we go.

Independent of two major events:

1 Continued, escalating, and potentially life-threatening family drama between now and February 2011;

2 A major injury rendering me unable to run any races for the next year;

…based on course conditions and logistics alone, plus the fact I know more people in the area, and a few other intangibles…

I intend on registering and preparing accordingly for the 36th Marine Corps Marathon 30 October 2011.

There now, it’s official. I’m going to run a marathon, dammit!!!!

Should #1 occur between now and February, I will simply resort to Plan B, that being the Chicago Marathon 9 October. Registration for that one is a few weeks before MCM, but I will sit tight until February.

I’m holding out that the worst just might not happen in my family. I’ve got hope. I’ve got reason to believe things will get better. But I still always have a Plan B.

Let me make this perfectly clear. Phoebe – and any other of the buggers she may dare introduce into my life – will not stop me from running and completing my first marathon. Period. Bottom line. End of story.

I’m feeling physically better than ever. The weighttraining in recovery is starting off well so far. I will have ample time to run in Arlington and Georgetown between now and then.

Oh yeah everyone it’s time to get cracking, training, and running!

My journey on the pavement continues, and so do my challenges, full speed ahead.

If you are planning on running MCM next year, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter. Cheers!


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