Recovery and Reflection Mode

Oh man, so I’m back in Philly after having run my first half in Bird-in-Hand, PA. Took me a good six hours to recover from my first official half marathon but boy does it feel good.

I’m in the process of writing up my experience from my first half…as I plan out my schedule for next year. Next spring, we’re looking at two half marathons. Next fall…barring injury, my first full marathon, and depending on which full I select, probably a half before then.

I will more than likely participate in larger-scale races held in major cities, but this half will definitely stand out in my mind because of how involved the local community – namely the Amish more than anyone – were involved in volunteering and stewarding the race. There were a number of things that I know will make this race unique. Specifics are noted in my race report. Overall, the race from my experience was very well run and put together and overall support from the community was fantastic.

The feeling I felt when I hit the mile 12 marker on Beechdale Lane in Bird-in-Hand only confirmed that running is something that I will do for as long as possible – the feeling of disappointment when realising that whilst I had almost made it to the end, it also meant that the race was almost over. Those 12 miles had gone by quickly and the enjoyment of race day almost exhausted.

I look forward to Shamrock Fest in Virginia Beach March 2011, and picking out what will be my first full marathon. More days spent in the weight room for sure and many more hours of training are due, but it will be all worth it in the end. I know I’m doing this for the right reasons. The past 14 weeks of training went by so fast, but not without the many lessons I learnt and seeing myself accomplish tasks I would have never imagined both on and off the pavement.

Stay tuned for my race report and hopefully I will get some pictures uploaded in due time.


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