Time in Between

Loads of errands to do today, even when on the road. I am presently in Lancaster County, PA at my parents’ home.

Most exciting part of the day? Packet pickup and the runners’ expo. This ought to be interesting. No plans to spend much of anything, because some of that stuff was insanely expensive. I remember when Sergio texted me from the ING Philly Half Expo in September (just before he withdrew from the race) and he mentioned some foot gel inserts for runners with protonated feet like mine that whilst they were damn near perfect cost upwards of $160 USD…per foot. There were a couple of other ones at the expo that were above the $100 price point, but holy cow, even Superfeet at $35 per pair (which I do have now) are nothing to sneeze at.

My knees have been fine so far, and I’ve been taking care of my feet as a whole, so I think I should be good for now. I may reconsider when I run my first full marathon (26.2 miles for those of you not in the know). I’m thinking depending on my school schedule at the time, it could be fall 2012, though part of me is tempted to potentially clip it…fall 2011. I think my body can handle it, and it will only be my first semester of grad school.

Debating between Marine Corps Marathon in DC, last week of October and Philly Marathon in mid-November should I go that route. I know a few friends that have run both, so looks like I’ll be looking into that at some point and looking into training/strength plans for a full marathon. If I am religious in my strength training this winter and early summer 2011…I think I can do it.

Ah, the time in between. Now off to town I go. Should be interesting. I love Philly and city living to death, but a change in scenery for the weekend is nice too.

Guess I’ll be taking my camera as well to the expo and taking some pre-race shots of the course. Hooah!

2 thoughts on “Time in Between

  1. I believe you can do a marathon, mainly because I can do one. I think people psych themselves out because they want to hit a certain time or they except to race at max capacity the entire 26.2 miles. I think those will come eventually but right now, I just want to know I can do it. Everything else will come later.

    Anyways, I wouldn’t be able to pick between MCM and Philly. I want to do Philly next year but we’ll see. I’m not fond of cold weather. I think you could definitely do one in Fall 2011 but I would suggest doing it earlier than later (maybe Chicago or Wine Glass) – just so that your training and classes won’t overlap that much. I found it difficult to get training in after I started taking my one evening class (on top of work).. but you might be a little better at multi-tasking than me. 🙂

    • Hey Christina! Thanks for the input! Mid-November will be too cold for my own good so even though Philly is right in my backyard, I will choose another race for my full mary. Even after fully training for my half this fall, I still found I had plenty of time and I know my time mgmt skills are pretty good. But I think training for a full will start cutting into things. MCM is high on my list because it’s temperate, Chicago, I heard the humidity started to kill some people. Then again, Chicago is completely flat, DC has a few climbs in the Arlington section of the race. If I can swing the airfare, Chicago would be a nice experience. Either way, I will have to think about it.

      And yes, for my first mary, I just want to complete without injury. That’s it. I wanted to get it in before grad school started hurting lol. Probably can swing halves, but not another full until it’s all over to be honest.

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