It Comes Down to This

It’s over. At 6:30am, I finished my final taper run – and final workout (save routine stretching) until the big one.

I’ve done the tuneup trial, so I know I can do it.

Just have to plan my final steps carefully. Stretch well, intake a few more carbs, make sure I’m properly hydrated. Make sure I pack everything I need – Bodyglide (a Runners’ World survey showed a huge chunk of travelling runners forgetting that), GU, both my short and long sleeve racing kits, racing socks and sports bra, hydration kit, my running shoes and camera.

Go figure I probably will forget something.

I’ll be remembering to take my cell to the race so I tweet my thoughts in real-time as I’m corralled and after I cross the finish. I also plan on putting up a full-race report with my thoughts on both the expo and race itself.

Those of you running the Amish Half this weekend, I look forward to seeing everyone again at the expo or race! Good luck to everyone in general racing this weekend especially the ING NYC Marathon. I hope your temperatures there aren’t as bad as ours will be!!!

As for me, it all comes down to this. Time-wise, whatever happens, happens. I know I’ve got the physical battle down, just need to tackle the mental now, particularly with Lancaster County’s hills. And upon hearing just now from my friend Vee that temperatures are going to be brutal: 28F/-2C to a high of about 40F/4C…alright, I did this once. We will get through this.

I will do this.

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