First Concert in Ages

I can’t remember the last time I went to a live concert, even if it was at a small venue. The last major festival I recall was way the hell back in 1999 when I was studying abroad….the now-defunct Midtfyns and popular Roskilde music festivals in Denmark.

Jeff took me to the Trocodero (or the “Troc” as locals call it) on 10th and Arch on Wednesday, a smaller venue where up-and-coming regional artists or indie artists performed. I do know that one of UPenn’s dance troupes – Strictly Funk – has performed here to packed houses back in my heyday. We were to see indie Los Angeles-based band Local Natives play songs from their debut CD, Gorilla Manor. The royally sad part here was that even though I’d lived downtown for so long, not once have I been to the Troc.

We went upstairs roughly around 7:15pm – showtime was 7:30pm although I was told there were two opening acts prior to the Local Natives taking their stand. The first band, no idea what their name was but in all honesty I didn’t think they were too bad. Second band I recall being from New Zealand, but I wasn’t too impressed with them.

Finally at almost 9pm, Local Natives took the stage. I’m listening to their album now and I am seriously digging their music. Definitely though, a song like Airplanes (and Jeff agreed with this as well) sounded much better live, but it’s still pretty darned good as a song. Jeff’s favourite was the title track Wide Eyes, although live, I didn’t think Sun Hands was too bad either. Just listened to Warning Sign and Shape Shifter as well now on my computer and whilst I like them now, they were better listening to them live.

Local Natives playing at the Troc, a little better lit here. 27 October 2010.

Local Natives playing at the Troc. 27 October 2010.

Jeff himself is a huge fan of indie music, and probably a good thing for me, as I am hitting a major wall in terms of finding good music out there. I don’t care how or by whom it’s produced, but the more I listen to the radio, the more I’m convinced quality music/lyrics are a thing of the past. I have used Pandora and, and even then I do feel I’m hitting a wall, you start hearing the same songs over and over again.

Overall, the concert was pretty awesome, and even though I had never heard of the band prior to that night, I’m just happy Jeff and I spent the evening together and on his part, that he is giving me another taste of what good music can be. Not to mention it was a good time seeing a live concert and just rocking out to the music like everyone else in the hall.


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