Philly Runners, You Know Better

I’m normally not one to rant, but after my 14 mile run with a running crew from Rittenhouse Square and what I saw on that run when running along the Schuykill River on Kelly Drive, this really makes me wonder.

Even more shockingly, I’ve been on Kelly Drive for weeks now and I have never seen anything like I had today.

Along Kelly Drive, on the main path into Manayunk (where those running the full marathon in Philly will train and race) there are plenty of Fairmount Park signs and garbage cans for people to throw their empty water bottles/food wrappers/GU packets/whatever.

Well today I am thinking a good majority of visitors and/or runners must have pretended those cans didn’t exist. Kelly Drive was littered with loads of garbage. I can’t believe how many empty GU packets on the ground nowhere near a trash receptacle (i.e. it didn’t fall out of a trash can, for instance) that I counted between Lloyd Hall through just south of Manayunk, absolutely ridiculous. Even more ridiculous was the number of empty garbage cans we passed.

Seriously folks, I could understand if there were NO cans or if I saw the refuse littered along the parkway (where there are few receptacles) but even then if you are training with GU I’d imagine it can’t be the biggest burden in the world to just roll up the empty GU packet and just slide it back into whatever pocket your hydration belt has.

Is it really too much to ask people to pick up after themselves and just pitch their stuff in an EMPTY garbage can? Especially when said refuse is less than 50 feet from said receptacles? Today must have been a bad day for runners, because in previous weeks I haven’t seen Kelly Drive as bad as it was littered today.

I’m not a hippie tree-hugger, but this is just common sense (or in this case, lack of). Most places have fines for getting caught littering. I seriously hope some of you – should you do it again – get fined, or at least reproached by park staff or other members of the public out of sheer embarrassment.

Just seriously guys, pick up after yourselves…put your trash in the proper places. No excuse when there are loads of trash cans lying around all over the place. You wouldn’t trash your own home…let’s keep our city clean especially when there’s minimal effort required.

Thanks. Now I’ll step off my soapbox.


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