More Speedwork

And it’s never felt so good. Although from the complaining tonight from the rest of the Philly Runner UC group, I must be the only one that is liking speedwork.

5 miles today, with 6 times quarter-mile intervals. But we had to do them at the 5k pace, which I think some didn’t like, but I had no issues. Up and down the loop into MLK Drive. Weather was cooler but perfect. And I met more people that I found to be totally cool.

I’m getting stronger and better at this. And meeting more people in the city. What’s not to like?

Now do I join TPRT…that’ll depend on whether I run Arlington or the ODDyssey here at home in Philly. I can run with any of these run clubs…hmm. If there was only a group on Mondays…doesn’t seem to be though.

Thursdays is when two groups run, but dammit that is my longest day at work AND also my rest day in my training programs.

Ah well, we’ll see.


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