First Official PR

I might be a beginner at running, at least compared to the lot of Twitter contacts I’ve maintained, but sometimes progress is measured in small steps. I completed the Jenkintown race, my first 5k, in August, my first 5k, albeit slower at 28:04. Post-injury, I couldn’t go too fast, but that track was fast and flat. Still I was just happy I’d completed an official race to begin with.

It was literally the following day that I had decided to plunge and start training for my first half, which I’m still slated to run 6 November.

This morning, also on a fast and flat track in Fairmount Park, I ran the Justice for All 5k in 26:40. This race was primarily to benefit community (pro-bono) legal services in Center City. As I was running, I didn’t even know how much faster I had been going (didn’t even look at my watch) until I saw the clock at the very end…26:20 and counting. What?!?! Are you kidding me?

That resulted in a 1:24 PR. Could have been a couple seconds more I think.

I’ll admit, the morning in Fairmount Park was gorgeous, the course itself was scenic, taking us on winding roads through the park and winding around into the Memorial Hall entrance. While my eyes were on the pavement, and my legs were rolling as fast as they could, and my breath was methodically paced, my mind was hopefully lost in bliss from recent events in my personal life. Even so, I was a bit surprised, granted it might not be a whole lot of time, but it’s something.

Hopefully I’ll make similar progress as I complete more half marathons. I’d like to work on my pace and times for my half races before I attempt a full.

EDIT 12.10.10: Update! Official results came out and I actually completed it in 26:30…26:40 was my gun time (time from actual starting point to the finish line), it took me 10 seconds to get from my actual starting point to the starting sensor. 26:30 was my net time (from the actual start to the finish). So that means I PRed by 1:34.

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