Dainty Desserts and Other Things in NYC

So for those of you who know and follow me in real life, I had promised to throw up some shots of my hobnobbing about in NYC last week whilst on business. Here they are. Of course the hobnobbing certainly doesn’t occur without the best of treats and eats in the city, and the Big Apple sure offers plenty of chances for that.

The night I had gone out with my college friend Lena we hit it up at Meson Sevilla (blog review here) and caught up on life. After we parted I caught wind of the Pinkberry on Restaurant Row and remembering how insanely good it was from my last trip ages ago to Los Angeles, it was clear that this had to be my dessert destination. Unfortunately here, they didn’t have the pomegranate fro-yo, so that made my decision quite easier. After that, it proved to be a sweet treat for south of $5. Of course getting reimbursed for it being a meal expense is nice too…

Killer fro-yo from the Pinkberry. 28 Sept 2010.

Also reminded me how much I missed kiwi fruit. Oy. This treat was quite fresh, the fruit was fresh, it was totally killer.

Times Square, was well, Times Square.

Times Square. 27 Sept 2010.

Of course by day, when I arrived that Sunday, I took in a bit of what Chelsea had to offer. Needed to get off my street though, space is such a premium and it’s quite cramped:

View from my hotel on 25th Street. 26 Sept 2010.

Wandered to the nearby square on 5th Avenue:

Lower Manhattan, Chelsea. 26 Sept 2010.

Went to Little Italy in the LES (Lower East Side) later that week and hit up some killer Italian desserts. Gelato at Ferrara’s – whilst a lot say it’s overrated, it was the only one I saw that had a pistachio flavour that evening.

Ferrara's gelato, this one is pistachio. 29 Sept 2010.

I have had cannoli at Caffe Palermo, and whilst I think they are the best at the time I went on Wednesday night, they were sold out of their mini-cannolis, so again I was resigned to having the minis at Ferrara. Still, not bad at all, actually pretty damn good.

Mini cannolis from Ferrara. 29 Sept 2010.

During the workweek, we also spent much time at Chelsea Market on 10th Avenue for lunch and dinner depending on our work hours.

Novelty cupcakes at Ruthy's in Chelsea Market. 30 Sept 2010.

Saw the cupcakes above, but WAY too much frosting for my liking. Settled for mainly soup and salads.

The view was also nothing to complain about…

Chelsea Market overpass facing the Hudson River. 30 Sept 2010.

Chelsea Market overpass facing uptown. 30 Sept 2010.

And finally a most amusing picture that I took prior to this trip in NYC of a solider made entirely of Jelly Bellies in the famed FAO Schwarz store.

Jelly Belly Soldier at FAO Schwarz store in NYC. 3 July 2010

The rain sucked that week, kept me off Central Park most of the week, but overall it was a pretty good week. Work was fine, got through just okay.

Hopefully my employer will send me back!

Restaurant Info:

Ferrara | 195 Grand Street | New York, NY 10013 | 212.226.6150 | Website
Pinkberry | 596 9th Avenue | New York, NY 10036 | 212.957.8440 | Website

(Note: There are multiple Pinkberry locations in NYC, I had eaten in the Hell’s Kitchen/Restaurant Row location.)

3 thoughts on “Dainty Desserts and Other Things in NYC

    • The weather stank the week I was up there. The main reason I wasn’t impressed this visit was because – even in the good neighbourhoods – the city was SO dirty. There are a bunch of fun places to go but sometimes the subway is also a bit intimidating if you aren’t used to cities to begin with, but even for me, the first time I went up myself I had to stare at the map for a bit and figure out how to get where.

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