The Beast

So today at work, during some downtime, I learnt from Sergio about the so-called Beast hill just north of the Mantua neighbourhood on the west end of Fairmount Park (closer to Memorial Hall for those of you in Philly proper). My first half is in Lancaster County and there is a bit incline on it. But at some point I need to train on hills. I need to be a bit physically stronger.

Of course, I’m very wary of running in/through Mantua, and especially by myself. Mantua is just north of Drexel University and is known to be a high-crime area. There are races through Fairmount and the Philly full marathon I believe cuts through Mantua, but of course a sanctioned race will have the proper facilities in place. But to train through there by yourself…oy.

Of course, I’m all scared as hell crossing the Strawberry Mansion side of Fairmount Park as is.

I guess for my hill work, I’ll stick to Lemon Hill Drive behind the Art Museum. Or at least when I’m in DC, work it somehow on the incline on 21st or M Streets NW. Just wish there were more safer spots to train. The shortened daylight also isn’t helping my case.


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