Not Digging New Jersey

….or should I say the DRIVERS in New Jersey, not the state or its sights itself.

So this week, I’m up here in New Jersey, started the week off in Toms River and drove up the parkway to Hoboken/Edgewater and staying in East Rutherford. I’m NOT digging the drivers here in NJ, even with the massive storm, people here are over the top aggressive. Due to a traffic ticket I got over a year ago (but got quite a few points on it) I have been forced to drive very defensively since, and even as defensive as I was, I narrowly avoided FIVE accidents in the course of two days.

What should have been an easy five mile drive to Edgewater for dinner with a friend I know turned out to be a nightmarish at best. Several aggressive drivers nearly ran me off on Route 5, the storms made it that much worse, throw that in with missing SEVERAL turns because my GPS could not distinguish certain split-offs in the road in time…it was just god awful.

Oh yeah, and my knees are aching from running. You better believe I’m keeping up with mileage even if it’s on the damned treadmill. I will definitely have to give one if not two days of rest, hopefully these should be ready up in time for my long run of eleven miles this weekend.

And in other news, once getting back online, I see Simon had responded to a message I sent him about not wanting to be involved with him. I got the reminder in the email…and I don’t know why but I was so not looking forward to opening that message. I don’t know why. Here’s my tweet from last night…

Told my smitten friend tonight don’t quite want to date him esp long distance. Knowing him, may as well have kicked him in the stomach. #FML

I was extremely hesitant to open up the message from Simon, but when I did, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected. He admitted he wasn’t the best communicator in the world and he was extremely sorry he had come off the way he did. He acknowledged he actually wasn’t looking for a relationship either and knew the perils of distance dating. The conversation about kids was his attempt at making small talk but he did see how and why it made me extremely upset and why I had thought it was his attempt at a hidden agenda. At the same time, the weekend we went clubbing in the LES, too much happened way too fast, and part of that was to blame on the alcohol on both our parts, but even then he was extremely sorry for having made me feel uncomfortable.

At the end of the day, whether he wanted to admit it or not, at least he knows where he and I stand now. He definitely wants to meet up – as friends though – with no added pressure or hidden agenda – somehow he gets the impression I don’t trust him, and a part of me is still leery I’ll admit. I’ll give it some time I think. But at the same time I think I’m also starting to get a little better at telling people things they don’t want to hear in personal interactions or relationships. And as for him potentially not trusting me, can’t blame him, I hardly trust my own family, so strangers or potential boyfriends will take me some time.


3 thoughts on “Not Digging New Jersey

    • Don’t blame you, and thanks. As for me, it’d be one thing if I lived in the middle of nowhere, but wow. The drivers are bad in Philly, don’t get me wrong, but Jersey is just unreal. Driving in Jersey – especially North Jersey (I’d say north of Metuchen/Perth Amboy/Long Branch) – makes driving nearly anywhere else child’s play.

      • Being from NJ, I agree that the driving is over the top. I just had relatives in from Michigan, and they were deathly afraid when we went to Philly. South Jersey, however, is much better than North Jersey!!!

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