If there was one annoying chant I’ve ever heard at a baseball game, that’d be it. And no, this was not at a Phillies’ game. Not a little league game.

It was a minor-league ball game in Lancaster County.

Last weekend, whilst I was in Lancaster, my dad and I had free tickets to a Lancaster Barnstormers game. I hadn’t seen the Stormers in awhile, probably 6 or so years ago, when I was just out of university. The Stormers are part of the independent Atlantic League, basically a haven for players not able to make a cut anywhere else, or players not ready to retire, and so forth. Some players take a place here post-injury to prove to some league-affiliated team they can play ball. However, whilst the Stormers – and other teams in this league – have their own devoted hometown crew of followers, some despise how the ballplayers lack enough talent “we get all the major league rejects” (well duh?!!) or that their best players are picked up by other clubs.

Last Saturday, apparently trucking company Schwanger Bros has an ad pitch where the announcers pick a random player on the opposing team’s lineup to be the “Schwanger Bros K Man of the Game.” That is, the crowd jeers the player with the infamous Frosty chant, hoping that player will strike out or at the very least be an out. From what it appears, the annoucers try and pick one of the better players on the other team; in this case, the “victim” was third baseman Matt Cavangaro hitting third in the lineup, who had over a .300 average with plenty of home runs and RBI (runs batted in for you non-baseball types).

Now the logic behind this is completely understandable. Picking on a better player to screw him up. Tonight it worked for the most part, this guy was either 1 for 5 or 1 for 6. But what really annoyed me? The damned chant behind this.

The announcers play the “Frosty” zinger as the very first word of the “Frosty the Snowman” song, and next thing you know you get all the kids and the older men catcalling “FROOOSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTY” over and over and over again, until the guy either hits or is retired. It is dreadfully annoying and it actually came to the point where I had to start facepalming and covering my ears.

If you are curious as to how dreadful this is, you can check some clips on YouTube of this chant at the stadium. Here is one below.

Link: Really drawn out.

Frosty. Oy. I don’t know what the appeal of that chant is, surely they could have come up with something better, no?


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