The Application World

So where do I stand with my grad school apps? Went to a couple open houses to get the latest info on my prospective schools.

Looking at staying local, and doing this shindig part time. I need to keep my job for various reasons, and I am paying for the vast portion of my degree myself.

Temple’s Fox School and Villanova are my top two choices, with Temple being #1 for one main reason: cost.

Have some of my essays done, my resume is done and I’ve been studying for the GMATs. I want to have everything done by the end of the year save for the recommendations in the event my two recommenders take a bit longer. Going to try to apply to Temple and VU first though – if I get in either of those two schools, I don’t want to pay the application fee for the others. Aiming to have all my stuff done in time for the GMAT scores.

I’m taking the GMAT 4th of December in Rittenhouse Square. I think if I can nail the reading comprehension down – my worst performing section by far – I should be good. My math is extremely strong and critical reasoning I do well, sentence reasoning is pretty solid but damn that one verbal section.

Just need this set, then a plan to pay, then time to buckle down and balance everything. It will take me four years, but I need to get this done. And better sooner rather than later.

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