We All Get By…

…with a little help from my friends.

Obviously I imagine the vets should have a grasp on it, but for you rookie runners out there, if you are trying to plan out your route and do it manually and measure your route for relative accuracy, there are a couple easy tools others have shared with me recently.

When I did the group run on Labor Day, The13thMile used dailymile.com’s pedometer where you simply point and click, establish points and mile markers. Make sure you click ahead of where your last point was and if you are taking a roundabout route, you will have to trace your route with shorter distances between clicks, otherwise, the pedometer will draw the more direct route.

My colleague Sergio today provided me another link which proves useful if you are on the road often, and like us, travel a bit for work. As I will be in NYC for a bit on a client engagement, I mentioned to him that I’d be getting some mileage in Central Park, to which he led me to USATF’s database of custom running routes created by others. Simply enter what you are looking for and if you are looking at a certain destination, search by that name. It’s proved very useful – thanks Sergio!

But yes – those of us previously reliant on the more annoying google maps and to a lesser degree MapMyRun.com, there are some alternate tools and these in my opinion are a lot better.

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