So I Survived…

…my first group run, and I made a few friends.

Went a lot better than I expected, and I managed to push myself a bit harder (though not to the point of discomfort). Normally I would have run an 11 min/mile pace at the distance we did, but I found myself chugging along at 10 with some of our group. I found myself able to talk to my fellow runners without running out of breath, although having to be conscious of keeping up also forced me to be more disciplined with my breathing. There was about half the group that ran an 8 min/mile pace but the rest of us did 10 or so. I found myself directing most of the group as most of the ones running with me did not live in Center City; the ones that actually did were in the 8 min/mile group. My main concern was diverting them from the dangerous-to-cross Donut intersection, which I managed to do, although I found out later the exit into the Donut was shut down due to construction. Which I had no worries with, we wanted to get everyone back in Rittenhouse that had started out.

To boot, after the run, we all hung out a little in the square and chatted, and I’d gotten to know people a little better. Overall, I had a blast this morning, the miles went that much quicker, and I enjoyed getting to connect with some of the running community in the area and I’m hoping we do another Twitter roundup again.

Big shoutout to The13thMile for getting this going.

2 thoughts on “So I Survived…

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