Calling My Life

So this just in – two of my friends from university, being amused with my taking up distance running seriously, made a bet against each other that within the next year or two my next steady boyfriend or serious relationship would originate from a running club.

To be fair, that call isn’t totally out in left field, but at the same time, a guy I’m seeing does not have to be a runner, all I ask is that he takes care of himself.

But then again, I’m more likely to date the types of people I interact most with. It could be from the graduate business community, it could be the foodie community, alumni/networking community or a running club or wherever.

Well damn, I guess come to think of it the GBC and runners will be the two groups I will interact with the most in the years to come.

Now here poses the question: would a runner date me? Forget dating for a second, could we be friends to begin with? If we were using running itself to bond, I think most veterans would leave me in the dust. Figuratively and literally. If it was someone on the same page as me, that’s another story. I know TPRT has some social events that would get people to know each other better as they train together, and I am considering joining up with them next spring. My colleague has told me it draws loads of beginners. (I picked another half over the Philly Half Marathon this fall this go-around for a number of reasons, I will run it next year. Otherwise I would have joined up with TPRT this year.) And considering I am only doing my first group run tomorrow, I’m just a bit too self-conscious to run with someone else without feeling like I’m hampering them. Oy.

Ah let’s see how the group run goes. It only gets better from here. I’ll get over myself with time. Running and life.

As for relationships – runners or not – just need to find someone that has common values. I don’t consider myself the traditional kind, so that will be a piece of work in of itself. I feel I’m more career-driven and less family-oriented (read: less emphasis on children, not significant other) than the vast majority of women are – and what the vast majority of men want.

And I’m sure with time, I will find someone that appreciates and grows to love me for me. Runner or not. One day at a time.

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