The 13th Mile

So I’m going to do it – my first group run Monday, a 5 miler starting in Rittenhouse Square, up BFP, into Kelly Drive, DEEP into Fairmount Park and back, retracing south on 21st Street down to Lombard and winding up at the corner of 18th and Locust.

While I’m motivated enough to push myself on a run and stick to my program and diet, I was always hesitant about group runs because I feared being the slowest in the group. I’ll admit I feared being outclassed by everyone especially with physical activities. I always feared running clubs being chock full of veterans, and even asked my co-worker and fellow runner out of apprehension that even TPRT (Team Philly Race Training) running groups were too fast for me. He replied there were loads of beginners and even for the slowest possible pace groups there’d be people to push you along.

I saw this lady’s post on Facebook through the Philadelphia Runner shop entry that she was calling all Center City runners to meet up in Rittenhouse Square Monday morning for a group run, did it on her Twitter account and such. She was blogging about how her training is going and describes herself as “an average, non-athletic girl trying to run a half marathon.”  So seeing someone on the same page as myself more or less, I decided to suck it up and give this one a go.

I shot the lady known as the 13th Mile an email saying I’d be there Monday morning, water bottle in hand in Rittenhouse Square ready to go.

Who knows, maybe I’ll make some new friends and we could turn this sucker into a regular thing for more Center City/South Jersey peeps if we can agree on a time to run. Or even just meet up on bank holidays to run together.

Check her blog out.


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