Taste of Peru in DC

Mini-review:  Las Canteras

Last Tuesday, whilst on a training assignment in DC, my cousin and one of her friends took me for a late-night meal at Las Canteras in Adams Morgan. My cousin is very partial to Peruvian food, having done some of her professional assignments in Peru and living in Miraflores, an upscale district in Lima.

We walked in and the area was very dark, with lit candles and music creating an aura of mystery, yet the perfect ambience for a quiet meal. The waitstaff was very friendly and accommodated our requests and answered all our questions. For drinks, my cousin’s friend had a pisco sour ($9) (which my cousin attested she felt she could make better ones having been in Peru) and both she and I had pomegranate mojitos ($8).

As both of us had already had dinner, my cousin and I split an order of “Duo de Cebiches” ($14) – which was INSANELY good. The cebiches were white fish being one and shrimp being the other. The white fish was raw and soaked in citrus. Amazing. The shrimp was served over an avocado/cream mixture of sorts with dried corn kernels served over yam. Cebiche is Peru’s signature dish. There is fresh fish marinated in citrus juice mixed with cilantro, red onions and hot pepper and served with sweet potato and corn kernels. The versions vary according to the type of fish used. Las Canteras’ fish cebiches use white fish, which unfortunately my cousin is allergic to, so she consumed most of the shrimp cebiche.

The bread was a potato bread served with butter and some spicy green sauce that I’m unable to recall the name of.

Overall, even though we didn’t have much I was impressed by what I did have and this will be a spot I will hit up for a full meal next time I’m down here.

Restaurant Info:

Las Canteras Peruvian Restaurant & Bar | 2307 18th Street NW | Washington, DC 20009 | 202.265.1780 | Website

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