Morning Glory

Still trying to get used to running in the morning. I’m enjoying getting my miles in, but it definitely gets harder as the days get shorter. And as I stay up later…damn. That coffeemaker can’t come in soon enough.

Currently in my fourth formal week of training (out of 14 total) with an 8 mile run coming up. Started with a long run on Saturdays at 5 miles and worked my way up, one mile on the long run each week. My first 5k in Jenkintown went okay, not the best time but I needed to start somewhere. I’ve also been through physical therapy working on my quads and that has worked wonders as my knees no longer are in pain and I’ve been running quite well.

All this time management is also a result of seeing grad school ahead of me, and I intend to keep on running to keep myself energetic (I am a LOT more cheery and peppy because of this I think) and in shape. Of course as a student I have no choice but to run in the mornings so as to max out my study time and not to interfere with night school.

But yeah, getting up before 6am every day has gotten some time to get used to. But then again, this will have all paid off when I’ve crossed the finish line and received my finishers’ medal and revel in the afterparty.

But something tells me this will pay off in spades both related to running as well as time management as a whole. Come next fall, it won’t be a total shock readjusting to everything – I’m already doing that having to study for the GMAT and the CFE exams as it is.


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