South Indian Food a Hard Find

Review: Devi Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

Devi Vegetarian is one of the few in the entire Northeast that caters to South Indian tastes. As my family is Sri Lankan, and their tastes cater more to the more spicy dishes of South India than they do to the more milder flavours of Delhi, they prefer eating such food. The only truly Sri Lankan restaurant I know of exists in Long Island, NY, and I remember eating at one in Toronto, Canada…but this place comes pretty bloody close.

If you opt for the buffet, you are treated to a rotating array of vegetarian curries, some with eggplant, onion, different pakoras, etc. Naan, different chutneys, fruit and other dishes are constant but the main meals always rotate. Dessert always rotates as well, save for the vanilla ice cream, a constant fall back if you have children that do not tolerate the different foods as much. For dessert I’ve seen sweetened daal lentils, a sugarbeet recipe, cottage cheese in syrup, and so forth. At roughly $12-13 per person depending on the night you eat out, this is a solid deal. Included with the price is your choice of dosa, a rice and lentil pancake.  Dosai is a staple in the diet for people in present day Tamil Nadu/south India and Sri Lanka.

Overall solid on most days if the main meal’s rotation doesn’t suck. If you are the carnivore, you’ll have to steer clear but even meat lovers I know including my parents just keep coming back.

Restaurant Info:

Devi Vegetarian Indian Restaurant | 151 Whiteland Towne Center | Exton, PA 19341 | 610.594.9250


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