Stepping Out

Sooooooo… I am. My first step in the blogosphere. It’s a bit unusual for an individual like myself through choice and circumstance a very private person to post my thoughts on life here. But I tend to express myself – even my most private thoughts – the best, under the cloak of anonymity all known as the Internet. Hopefully I’ll get to connect with some interesting readers and vice versa on common interests and such.

That said, what this blog WILL be: A place for myself to reflect on issues of the day, on life, on love, on my adventures outside work when I’m on the road for business, on staying above the fray between my family and dealing with ongoing culture wars, event planning, current events, gourmet cooking, restaurant reviews (because I am quite the foodie) and other topics of note. And for my readers, a place to comment accordingly, share ideas and thoughts on my stories, and of course if you have any, advice.

What this blog will NOT be about: First and foremost, no flame wars. Constructive criticism is always okay. If you disagree with my thoughts, it’s fine – just do so civilly. Second, as much as I love my work, I will not post about it here. I’ll be a bit light on the political issues as well (particularly the fiscal side of things) – while I know I can discuss them civilly, I’m not sure too many people on the internet can.

If you want to hate on the Phillies here as well…well I suppose that’s okay. Just at least explain why 🙂

And for those of you who do know my true identity, please for now stick to calling me OneFoot…maybe I’ll uncloak myself when I’m ready 🙂

That said, once I finish configuring my blog setup I’ll be ready to go!


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